Who is behind Gigi Hand Fans?

My name is Virginia Jiménez, I am the illustrator and designer of this brand. Gigi Hand Fans studio is in Toledo, Spain. Here is where the designs are born. I also design the delicate rods of my fans, which are produced by artisans in Valencia, Spain.

My story

I really like the stories of artisans, people that when they were young wanted to learn the job of their parents, but also young people that wanted to go to college, and travel.  I like the stories of young people who met other artists, with whom they learned new techniques and new forms of expression, craftsmen who, in addition to learning their craft with their parents, also learned to design and dream.

My story is a bit like this, my father was a carpenter, but I wanted to study History of Art and then Humanities. I fell deeply in love with craftsmanship when I worked as an archaeologist and learned about the importance and transcendence of the products handmade by the human being and it historical value,

When I was no longer able to continue working as an archaeologist, I graduated in illustration.

I have learned a lot from my professors and from my classmates, and from people who are no longer in this world, but who have opted for a skilled craftsmanship, craft works whose knowledge need to be shared and not encrypted or hidden.

mi historia




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If you want me to create a different and unique fan for you, I can do it. If you are looking for a fan for your wedding or other special occasion, do not hesitate to write me, we can work together on it.

Tell me your ideas, I can also help you to solve doubts regarding the fabric to be used, the colors, the type of rod, its size, material and color. You can fill out the following questionnaire or write directly to gigihandfans@gmail.com

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