Who is behind Gigi Hand Fans?

My background

I really like the stories of artisans who as children wanted to learn their parents’ job, but at the same time, as young people, they also wanted to go to university, travel and learn from others. Stories of young people who met artists, artisans, writers and with whom they learned new techniques and new forms of expression.

My story is a bit like this, my father is a carpenter, but I wanted to study Art History and then Humanities. I fell more deeply in love with crafts when I worked as an archaeologist and learned the importance and transcendence of products made by hand by human beings.

When I was no longer able to continue working as an archaeologist, I graduated in Illustration.

I have learned a lot from my teachers and from my classmates, and from people who are no longer in this world, but who bet on a qualified craft, a craft for which knowledge is to be shared and not encrypted.

Here is how it born the idea of gigihandfans, I create both pret-à-porter fans, as personalized bridal or ceremony fans, using 100% handmade rods, in this studio the fabrics are painted, folded and assembled.

My workshop is located in the beautiful Spanish city of Toledo.