Bridal Fan Bouquet Sicily


This handfan for a bride is inspired by the beautiful lemon trees that end up next to the lilies in mid-September on the beautiful island of Sicily.

The illustration of this fan is an original painting using watercolor technique on a light fabric of cotton and silk.



This model of fan was born inspired by a very special wedding that was celebrated in Sicily. I have tried to evoke the image of the lemon trees and lilies that were in the middle of September in the Sicilian gardens.

If you prefer I can paint for your fan your favorite flowers or your bridal bouquet. Write me at telling me about your wedding, where do you get married, just for try to evoke that so special place

Pear wood painted in white color.
Fabric: 70% cotton and 30% silk (you can propose other fabric and I will study if it is possible to use in your fan)
Special silk paint. Watercolor Technique

21 cm closed.
41 cm open.

with the fan, I will gift you a cover, so you can keep it inside.

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