Hand painted handfan – BIRDS


These beautiful birds, the “Abejarucos”, are one of the most beautiful species of migratory birds in Europe and Africa, that’s why I wanted to dedicate one of my fans to them.

The illustration is hand painted along with gold leaf applications, is 100% hand painted, and handmade.


  • If you want me to paint the ilustration in both sides, I can do it. This would have an extra cost. You can select your option during the purchase process.
  • This piece is only made on request so you start painting when you place your order, you can see shipping policies to see the waiting time. That is why your fan will be a unique piece made expressly for you and totally new.
  • Along with the attached fan a protective cover, you can choose the color by sending me an email with the number of your order.
  • You can see how this or another one of my fans was made in: https://www.facebook.com/Gigi-Hand-Fans-499876163438468/


Handmade fan.

These beautiful birds, the Bee-eaters, are one of the most beautiful species of migratory birds that can be seen in Europe and Africa, that’s why I wanted to dedicate one of my fans to them.

The illustration is hand painted along with gold leaf applications, also made by hand.

This fan is 100% handmade, its rods have been made one by one by Valencian craftsmen on birch wood.
100% cotton fabric,
Acrylic paint + metal acrylic paint + alcohol ink + oil terminations + gold leaf applications.
The illustration is varnished so that it does not end up damaged by use.

23 Cm closed,
43 cm open.

Payment Methods



If you have chosen this method of payment, you will receive an email with the necessary information to carry out the transfer.

There some information that I need for this payment: Order number. The name of the person who enters it. Must be addressed to Gighandfans with the account number that I will provide you in the confirmation email.

To expedite the process, you can send the bank transfer receipt to my email: Gighandfans@gmail.com .

 I will begin to prepare your order once I will receive the receipt.

If 7 days after the fulfillment of the order has not been made the transfer I will proceed to cancel the order.



PayPal is a completely secure payment platform. Only the bank and PayPal will have access to the bank data, so Gighandfans won’t have access to the data during the payment operation.

This modality It has no cost to the customer.

Through PayPal you will also be able to make the payment with your Credit card,

Payment by credit card through PayPal

You can pay with your credit or debit card in a totally safe and comfortable way, also through our PayPal gateway. 

Preparation and Shipping


Once I will receive your order and the payment will be confirmed, I will send your hand fan in 5 business days.

For customized fans I will inform you how long will take.

All handfans will be carefully and properly packaged in an envelope with bubbles in order you will receive it in perfect condition

I send the packages by certified service, in order you can follow the delivery by a tracking number that I will give to you. This will require you (or somebody in your address) to sign at the reception, if there´s nobody, the package will be sent back you your nearby post office and you should go there to take it.

  • Delivery to Spain:
    • Standar delivery: 3 €: 2-3 working days.
    • Urgent delivery: 5 €: 1-2 working days.
  • Delivery to Europe:
    • Standar delivery: 6 €: 7-10 working days.
    • Urgent delivery: 11 €: 5-7 working days
  • Delivery outside Europe:
    • Standar delivery: 9 €: 10-12 working days.
    • Urgent delivery: 35 €: 2-3 working days

I will include a cover for your handfan in order to be sure in your bag 😉


If you are not satisfied with the item received, please get in touch with me within a period of 15 days from receipt of the order.

I’ll return the amount of the purchase (excl. shipping). For me, my customers have to be always satisfied.



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