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  • 85,00

    VENICE illustration hand painted in the fan by me.

    I have not used any mechanical stamping. All you see in the fan has been painted by me using silk technique

    If you want me to paint your favourite town, I would be very happy to do it.. just tell me your tow and I will do my best (I wouldsend you sketches)

    I can write (paint in the fan) the text that you want.. your names, your wedding date, or other special date…

    The fans are 100% artisanal, made in Spain

    Wood: Pear tree
    Fabric; 100% cotton

    21 cm closed (8,3 inches)
    41 cm open. (16,2 inches)

    With the handfan, I will include a case in order to protect it when will be stored in your purse.

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    Colorful stars

    Hand fan painted by me.

    Personal design. I haven’t used any stamping or printing method


    • The paintings have been varnished, which makes this illustration long-lasting and does not disappear with use.
    • If you want the fan can be painted on both sides, although this will cost 20 Euros more.
    • With the handfan, I will include a case in order to protect it when will be stored in your purse.
    • As I paint each individual fan, the final illustration may vary slightly from the picture. Bear in mind that you are buying the original painting, no a copy or a reproduction
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    This handfan for a bride is inspired by the beautiful lemon trees that end up next to the lilies in mid-September on the beautiful island of Sicily.

    The illustration of this fan is an original painting using watercolor technique on a light fabric of cotton and silk.

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    This bridal fan is hand painted as a watercolor, with dyes for silk.

    In this bouquet are represented peonies and different types of roses.

    So if your bouquet will have different flowers, just get in touch with me and we will paint it to your liking to

  • 100,00

    Bride fan with cherry flower motifs

    Use artisanal fans made in Spain

    I paint everything by hand, so I can customize it as you want

  • 70,00
    • Wedding hand fan. Special fan for your wedding. SwallowsHand fan painted by myself. I use wooden artisan fans made in Spain.
      I paint all the illustration that you see.I dont use any mechanical or digital technique of stamping, You would be buying the original paintingI can custom as you prefer, I can add a text, your wedding date, your names.. whatever you want
      Wood: Pear tree lacquered in ivory
      100% seda
      Watercolor technique. Painted with paintings for silkDIMENSIONS:
      21cm closed (8,3 inches)
      41 cm open. (16,2 inches)OTHER INFORMATION:
      With the handfan, I will include a case in order to protect it when will be stored in your purse.
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    This is a hand painted fan, ideal for a bride on her wedding day.

    All the illustration you see is painted by me.
    I do not use any mechanical or digital tecniques of stamping. You would be buying the original painting.

    With beech wood rods made by artisans from Valencia. The beech wood is very resistant and flexible, ideal for a fan


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    This is a light acoustic mounted with natural silk.

    The satin silk with which this panic is made, allows it to open and close perfectly. The silk gives it lightness and at the same time is an excellent fan, with a very powerful color, since ancient times it is known that the minerals or vegetables on the serdas can be obtained in super powerful, bright colors, and at the same time durable.


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    Fan decorated with a dragonfly.

    Beech wood rods, varnished in white, made by Valencian fanmakers.

    Very light, and resistant.  Medium size.

    This fan has been  manufactured and hand painted  in Spain