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    Yellow, is again trend this summer Still do not dare with yellow? Or Yes?

    Another reason that makes this fan special is that its 100% cotton fabric has been dyed with watercolor technique to the frame, fixed in hot. This technique of tinting the fabric is the most respectful with the environment, because after applying and fixing the color, it is not necessary to wash the fabric in water which does not produce toxic residues, in addition only the essential dye is used on the fabric.

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    What is your horoscope? write me or leave it indicated in the order to paint your constellation in it.

    This fan is hand painted with watercolor technique and frame, on a 100% cotton fabric. This painting technique is the most respectful with the environment, because after applying the dyes also ecological and high durability it is not necessary to wash the fabric to remove excess so no spills are generated in the water.


    If you want I can paint the fan on both sides, although this adds 20 euros to the total cost of the product.

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    This handfan for a bride is inspired by the beautiful lemon trees that end up next to the lilies in mid-September on the beautiful island of Sicily.

    The illustration of this fan is an original painting using watercolor technique on a light fabric of cotton and silk.

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    This bridal fan is hand painted as a watercolor, with dyes for silk.

    In this bouquet are represented peonies and different types of roses.

    So if your bouquet will have different flowers, just get in touch with me and we will paint it to your liking to gigihandfans@gmail.com

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    This is a light acoustic mounted with natural silk.

    The satin silk with which this panic is made, allows it to open and close perfectly. The silk gives it lightness and at the same time is an excellent fan, with a very powerful color, since ancient times it is known that the minerals or vegetables on the serdas can be obtained in super powerful, bright colors, and at the same time durable.


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    Personal design of peacock feathers

    Painted and drawn on the hand fan. I have not used any mechanical stamping.

    You would be buying an original painting, not a copy or reproduction


    • Handle: Pear wood.
    • Fabric:100% cotton
    • Metallic acrylic paint and alcohol ink.
    • The paintings has been varnished, which makes this illustration long-lasting and guarantee that doesn´t lose it.


    • 23 cm closed (9 inches)
    • 42 cm open. (16,5 inches)


    • Because I work by order, the final illustration may vary slightly, so every fan is unique!! Take in mind that it´s an unique piece of art, and completely unique in its class.
    • With the handfan, I will include a case in order to protect it when will be stored in your purse.
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    Fun and refreshing watermelon hand fan, designed in red and pink  colors.

    This fan is made with beech wood rods, handmade one by one and mounted with a 100% cotton fabric, tinted and hand painted with ecological dyes.

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    Egyptian Beetle and Polka Dot Fan

    Hand fan  assembled  on Beech wood rods with 100% cotton fabric, made by Valencian craftsmen.

    Light fan and at the same time very resistant and robust, of medium size.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and painted entirely in Spain.

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    The illustration of this hand-painted fan is inspired by the portrait made by Sandro Botticelli of Simonetta Vespucci in the wonderful picture of the birth of Venus

    Many think that Simoneta may have been Botticelli’s great love. A proof of this may be that even though she died, he continued to retratándola in many of his paintings.