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     Swallows on the Fly

    Fan made with bubinga wood by Valencian craftsmen, and it has been completely hand painted on a 100% cotton fabric.

    This delicate craft fan, evokes the friendly, crazy and fun flight of the swallows in summer.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and painted entirely in Spain.


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    Fan decorated with a dragonfly and a moon made with gold leaf.

    Assembled by hand on beech wood rods, varnished in white, made by Valencian craftsmen.

    Very light, at the same time resistant, of medium size.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and hand painted in Spain.

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    Yellow, is again trend this summer Still do not dare with yellow? Or Yes?

    Another reason that makes this fan special is that its 100% cotton fabric has been dyed with watercolor technique to the frame, fixed in hot. This technique of tinting the fabric is the most respectful with the environment, because after applying and fixing the color, it is not necessary to wash the fabric in water which does not produce toxic residues, in addition only the essential dye is used on the fabric.

  • 85,00

    Fan decorated with the illustration of a snowy owl.

    Hand painted and with gold leaf applications, on yellow stick wood.

    Light fan and at the same time very resistant and robust, of medium size.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and painted entirely in Spain.

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    Now we will change the topics… and lets talk about…. SKULLS !!

    Special fan for HALLOWEEN

    Hand painted on the hand fan.

    I have not used any mechanical stamping.

    You will have the original painting,

    I will gift a case to protect it when will be stored in your purse.

    Beech wood,
    100 cotton and .
    Metallic acrylic paint.

    23 cm closed (9 inches)
    42 cm open. (16,5 inches)


    • As I paint each fan individually and by order, yours may vary a little from the picture, remember that you are taking the original painting, no a copy or reproduction.
    • If you want the fan can be painted on both sides, that would cost 25 Euros more.
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    handmade by Spanish artisans.

    Woven and assembled in my workshop in Toledo.

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    Hand painted.

    This is my own design.

    I dont use any digital or mechanical stamping method, all is handpaited 


    With the handfan, I will include, as a gift, a case in order to protect it, you may choose the color of the cover during the purchase process

    Because I work by order, the final illustration may vary slightly, so every fan is unique ..! In short, it is a unique piece of art, and completely unique in its class.


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    This bridal fan is hand painted as a watercolor, with dyes for silk.

    In this bouquet are represented peonies and different types of roses.

    So if your bouquet will have different flowers, just get in touch with me and we will paint it to your liking to gigihandfans@gmail.com

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    This is a hand painted fan, ideal for a bride on her wedding day.

    All the illustration you see is painted by me.
    I do not use any mechanical or digital tecniques of stamping. You would be buying the original painting.

    With beech wood rods made by artisans from Valencia. The beech wood is very resistant and flexible, ideal for a fan