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  • 65,00

     Swallows on the Fly

    Fan made with bubinga wood by Valencian craftsmen, and it has been completely hand painted on a 100% cotton fabric.

    This delicate craft fan, evokes the friendly, crazy and fun flight of the swallows in summer.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and painted entirely in Spain.


  • 85,00

    Fan with birds illustration

    Light fan and at the same time very resistant and robust, of medium size.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and painted entirely in Spain.

  • 95,00

    Snowy Owl Fan

    This model is hand painted with and have gold leaf applications. The rods are made by hand by Valencian (spanish) fan makers, with Sipo wood.

    The illustration is inspired by the majestic and white-winged owls or owls of the snows that live in the tundra.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and painted entirely in Spain.


  • 100,00

    This handfan for a bride is inspired by the beautiful lemon trees that end up next to the lilies in mid-September on the beautiful island of Sicily.

    The illustration of this fan is an original painting using watercolor technique on a light fabric of cotton and silk.

  • 100,00

    This is a hand painted fan, ideal for a bride on her wedding day.

    All the illustration you see is painted by me.
    I do not use any mechanical or digital tecniques of stamping. You would be buying the original painting.

    With beech wood rods made by artisans from Valencia. The beech wood is very resistant and flexible, ideal for a fan


  • 48,00

    This is a light acoustic mounted with natural silk.

    The satin silk with which this panic is made, allows it to open and close perfectly. The silk gives it lightness and at the same time is an excellent fan, with a very powerful color, since ancient times it is known that the minerals or vegetables on the serdas can be obtained in super powerful, bright colors, and at the same time durable.


  • 50,00

    Fun and refreshing watermelon hand fan, designed in red and pink  colors.

    This fan is made with beech wood rods, handmade one by one and mounted with a 100% cotton fabric, tinted and hand painted with ecological dyes.

  • 80,00

    “Party Under The Sea” is a fan model with a vintage illustration, totally hand painted and inspired by an art deco fan from the early 20th century.

    Its high quality rods made of Danta wood, are made by Valencian  artisans.

    This fan has been designed, manufactured and hand painted entirely in Spain.

  • 18,00

    hand-sewn leather case for handfans

    pouches made entirely by hand.
    All parts are sewn, not glued.

    Fits fans between 20 cm and 28 cm long

    Covers available in 5 different colors:

    • Red
    • Black
    • Blue Navy
    • Sky blue
    • Ivory.

    Let me know which color you want