Hello World !!!!

This will be my first post at Gigi Hand Fans Blog, but I will not introduce myself again….. for that porpouse you can visit the “About me“.

In my first post I will introduce you my two partners, my team, my little friends that I use to be with when Iñm working, ​​Curro, my dog and Pincho, black kitten that I found in the street being a few days old.. 

Curro el perro de Gigi handfans

If we could assign to our both litlle friends a job function in my company, Curro , would be the ” The Personal Trainer” to the company. If I´m just a little bit fit, its thanks to Curro … But I´m afraid Curro would like me to be more and more fit… Curro never stops and wants long walks in the bush …

Pincho,  would be the “Entertainment Manager”, itsthe king of distraction , and the best one inventing games with the most unlikely object.

Pincho el gato


I´m a Blogger !!!!1  Yu juuuuu !!!!!